July of 2012 marked the humble start of the Food & Fellowship Project. Hosted by the Marquette Park United Methodist Church of Gary, Indiana, fifteen attendees participated in this inaugural event. This was an impressive number considering it was a weekday with a heat index warning and a wicked storm had whipped in the night before. It wrecked havoc on both the water and electric services across the entire Lake County area. 

A few compromises had to be made at the venue due to the storm’s destruction, but these fifteen hearty souls stuck it out. They gathered together to commune and reminisce about relatives and recipes. A wonderful time was had by all, as they discussed everything from growing up in The Great Depression to secreting recipes from their elders. The Family Folklore Foundation sponsored the event and creative services were provided by a crew member from Almost Fairytales Films.  We look forward to having an even larger turnout at our August table fellowship event! 

The belly rules the mind.  ~Spanish Proverb

*Images provided by Wayne Randall

*Creative services for this project are provided by Almost Fairytales Films.

Copyright (c) 2012 The Family Folklore Foundation